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Whether you’re a builder, a developer, a subcontractor or a consultant finally everyone on a construction project can easily and simply use the same system to process claims securely over the web in the cloud via any device, in an instant. works by allowing contract parties to collaborate online on a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations and email trails.

With, you set up contracts online and invite parties to join via email. Automated reminder emails are sent to submit and approve claims. Conforming documentation is produced instantly and delivered by email – and that’s it!



Benefits for all SME contractors

Builders and Developers

  • Get claims from your subcontractors and consultants in a format you understand every month, on time.
  • Benefit from improved documentation and a powerful method for preparing and issuing payment schedules accurately and efficiently.
  • Manage Security of Payments risk.


Subcontractors and Consultants

  • Subcontractors and consultants are given the tools necessary to produce professional documentation, in a format that builders and developers understand – meaning less rejections and faster payment!
  • Collaborate for efficiency and transparency
  • Or use independently to send beautiful, conforming payment claims your contractor understands every month – on time, every time! We call this MyClaim.



Features that SME contractors love

Appreciate these simple features anywhere, anytime – whether you’re at your desk, on-site or at home.


Go mobile works on all devices. Prepare, submit, assess and certify payment claims wherever you are.

Instant retention tracking

Notifications of all retentions throughout the project.

Automatic email reminders

With our timely alerts, you’ll no longer have to ‘remember’ to submit or assess a payment claim.

Simplified variations

Add and manage variations with ease and get your variations resolved quickly.

Works with existing ERP and finance systems

No need to replace the software or systems you are currently using.

Easy documentation

Professional, conforming documentation in PDF to email, print or store securely online forever.

Supported evidence for all modifications

Subcontractors can share written explanations and documentations for all changes.

Simple and easy to use

Intuitive forms just require you to enter information – no complicated accounting system!



Partners is specifically designed to integrate with and enhance existing market-leading small business accounting solutions and more.


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It’s time to ditch the spreadsheet, so you can focus on delivering quality projects, on time and on budget!

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