allows you to submit and receive claims online, in seconds on any device: is a unique platform designed for the Australian construction industry that enables contract parties to administer payment claims collaboratively online. A simple yet powerful mobile tool suitable for all contractors that saves needless time and money being wasted on payment submission and approval. It’s cloud based, can be accessed anywhere and is incredibly easy to use.

  • Save time – no more re–keying claimed values into MYOB
  • Less risk – no human error in re–keying claim values
  • Less frustration – no more trawling through paperwork to give your accountant or bookkeeper the records they require
  • Better cashflow management – retention is tracked for you, ensuring you only pay GST on revenues payable in the current period
  • Better compliance – claims are fully compliant with the relevant Security of Payments Acts (in each state or territory), with invoices that match the claims & MYOB a complete online accounting and progress claim solution

Here at we are constantly working to make the process for progress payments simpler, faster and cheaper. That’s why we’ve developed an add-on for MYOB*, so now your progress claims can instantly create your sales invoice in your MYOB system. Invoices are created automatically based on your claims – from anywhere on any device. and MYOB supporting each other

Click the image below to read our blog post on how quick and easy it is to integrate with MYOB.

Supported features

* Supports integration with MYOB AccountRight Live
** This uses your existing MYOB invoice template to generate a PDF document


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