gets contractors, and their software, connected to prepare, submit, assess and certify payment claims.
And we’re now connected with QuickBooks.

video is a unique platform designed for the Australian construction industry that enables contract parties to administer payment claims collaboratively online. A simple yet powerful mobile tool suitable for all contractors that saves needless time and money being wasted on payment submission and approval. It’s cloud based, can be accessed anywhere and is incredibly easy to use.

Connect & Quickbooks for a total payment claims solution is fully integrated with Quickbooks. Further improve the workflow of your claims and corresponding invoices by connecting with Quickbooks.


  • Invoices are created instantly; either upon claim submission or approval, it’s your choice!
  • Integration set up takes a few seconds and is super simple
  • A fully mobile process with everything stored securely in the cloud and Quickbooks working together

Click the image below to read our blog post on how quick and easy it is to integrate with Quickbooks.

What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

Find out more or try Quickbooks Cloud Accounting Software for free.