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December 08, 2015 by Amanda Ismail


We love continuously improving our software, especially from user feedback. It means we are always up to date but most importantly it means you are always getting the most from


Handy tips and New Features you’ll love


Helping you get the most out of


Get your documents looking extra professional.


Don’t forget to complete your profile details, especially a company logo, which you can easily upload and which gives your documents that extra sizzle.

All this information is used to help produce professional, conforming documentation, in a format that Builders, Developers, Consultants and Subcontractors understand. is perfect for the Small to Medium sized Builder or Subbie that would like a quick and easy solution to reduce paper work. Now, without the headache, you have a standard format for all your current projects, regardless of whether your client uses or not. 

Which leads us nicely into telling you about…..




Did you know that even if your builder/client is not using you can still benefit from sending them beautiful, conforming payment claims in a format they understand every month, on time, every time  – meaning less rejections and faster payment!

You also have the added benefit of having all your historic claims documentation stored securely in the cloud for quick and easy access should you ever need to, perfect if a point ever has to be proven.

Keeping you in control


Let’s speed things up for you.

. not only manages all your payment claims for all your projects in the one place, but helps you manage them faster. And to help you manage them even faster we’ve introduced a quick search feature, so in seconds you can have any project right in front of you ready for action. Making it even easier to review and assess all your current projects, contracts and of course action with a just few clicks. Check out how these innovative features make the efficient option for your business.


Editing payment card details.


You can now directly edit or change your payment card details without having to email or call. Keep in mind that all your details are kept secure in what is known to the security industry as a credit card vault.


Download invoices.


You can now download our invoices in PDF format at your convenience. This way you have access to all the records you need for your BAS requirements anytime, and of course from anywhere. We understand how important flexibility is to you, so we have developed, and will continue to develop, tools that empower you – but we’re always just an email or call away if needed.

Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to edit payment card details and download your invoices.

How to update payment details and download invoices.

  • Select your ‘Name’ in the top right corner and then select ‘My Account’.


  • Select the ‘Payment Details’ Tab, Notice the option to ‘Change’ credit card details, and the option to ‘Download PDF’.
  1. Select CHANGE to update Credit Card details.
  2. Select DOWNLOAD PDF to receive copy of invoice.




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"What used to take me two days, now takes me two hours. Because is online, adminstration of the monthly payment claim cycle is less time consuming and much easier to manage. No more processing everything on a spreadsheet prone to error, and the assessment can be carried out at the touch of a button."


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