We’ve enhanced our compliance feature. Read this if you submit claims.

January 22, 2016 by Amanda Ismail


We love continuously improving our software, especially from user feedback. It means we are always up to date but most importantly it means you are always getting the most from Progressclaim.com.

Enhanced compliance document management. Claim Submit.

Earlier this week we released an enhancement to the compliance functionality making it clearer as to what documents need to be provided and where to attach them.

If you’re new to Progressclaim.com and haven’t submitted a claim before, check out our fast and easy video tutorial that will bring you up to speed in under 3 minutes. Click here to view, you may need to quickly set up an account if it’s your first time – it’s free and only takes a few minutes.

It is important to note that your builder will set what the compliance requirements are. You will see these updates when preparing your claim.

How to upload compliance documents

Under the contract summary page, you’ll notice a new section titled ‘Compliance Documentation’.

compliance documentation

Notice a set of icons, these are the files requested by your builder that need to be provided for the contract.

upload compliance docs missing5

Depending on what the document is, you may need to enter an expiry date. Documents at contract level only need to be attached once, unless they expire. If the document is set to expire within 30 days this will be displayed as a warning so you remember to follow up your renewal.

upload compliance docs missing2


You can also collapse this section, which will show the documents as small colour-coded icons to indicate their status. You can hover your mouse over the icons to see a description of the document and any relevant status information.

claim history

  • Then select the ‘Make Claim’ button.

make claim

There may also be one or more compliance documents required at the claim level, such as a stat dec. upload compliance docs missing6

The compliance section will show both contract-level and claim-level documents. You can attach these after submitting your claim if you do not have them on hand, but the system will prompt you with a warning prior to submitting the claim.

Job Done!


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