We’ve enhanced our compliance feature. Read this if you approve claims.

January 22, 2016 by Amanda Ismail


We love continuously improving our software, especially from user feedback. It means we are always up to date but most importantly it means you are always getting the most from Progressclaim.com.

Enhanced compliance document management. Claim Approve.

We’ve just launched a feature enhancement that will aid you with your compliance documentation and save you time and reduce risk, which is what we’re all about.

You no longer need to chase subcontractors for required compliance documents, Progressclaim.com will do all the reminding for you and will keep you in the loop with what has been submitted.

And like all things Progresssclaim.com, it’s super simple and super effective.

So how does it work?

Your organisation administrator/s will enable compliance document requirements for the whole company and set requirements for all new contracts moving forward. To do this, administrators simply:

  • Select your Name in the top right corner and then select My Account’.

My account

  • Select the ‘Compliance tab,  and then select the ‘Enable Compliance’.

Enable Compliance2

You will now see a list of documents, pre-populated as a starting base. Here you can now customise document requirements for all projects within the organisation. These options allow you to:

  • Add new compliance documents
  • Determine if a document is required at a claim or contract level
  • Set date checks and severity levels

Complance Docs

  • Hit save when settings are complete.

Setting up a new contract

The next time a Contract is created, all project and contract administrators will be able to further customise compliance documents as per contract requirements. The compliance document list can be found right above the contract line items.

Complance Docs5

Once the contract is published, all subcontractors will have indicators of what compliance documents are required. Subcontractors will be notified prior to submitting claims what documents are needed, what documents have expired and warnings that claims may or may not be approved as compliance has not been met.

When a claim has been submitted you will then be able to review the compliance documents by clicking on the document icons, verifying the documents and declining if documents have not met requirements.

upload compliance docs missing4

Job Done!


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