Construction Technology Summit 2017 wrap-up

November 20, 2017 by Progressclaim Job Done

The annual Construction Technology Summit (CTS) connects leading contractors, owners, developers and consultants with the brightest digital innovators in the industry.  After the success of the inaugural summit last year, it was an easy decision to participate again in 2017.

The event explores how the design, delivery and operation of construction and infrastructure projects is predicted to transform – and how to stay ahead of the technology curve.  View the full agenda here.

The smiling faces of Olivia and Tim at our booth

The smiling faces of Olivia and Tim at our booth

Over 500 delegates had the opportunity to attend a wide range of interactive presentations, varying from case studies to panel discussions on the technological trends reshaping our sector.

Something that sparked our interest was the talk on BIM in FM by Honeywell who talked about how their use of the 3D BIM models from construction, in the running the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC).  With our recent merger with Zuuse, we were keen to hear all about the BIM technology space and how this will steer the industry into a more collaborative approach across design, construction and operation.

There is a nice wrap up of technology in construction from Stuart at Innovation Australia.  Echoing the growing prominence of BIM in the sector, he talks about a BIM mandate being a “high priority with action required in a year” in Australia.

As an exhibitor, we really enjoyed hearing about how technology is helping us move forward into more innovative times at a rapid pace.

We managed to get a rare snap of the booth before the event started – if you were at the event you may not recognise it without a group of people standing around!  A huge thank you to everyone for stopping by.

This year Aconex recorded all the sessions, which will be released over the coming months. Make sure you follow the Construction Technology Summit YouTube Channel so you can view the latest talks.  While you watching videos, check out our walk-through from the exhibitor floor below:

The Summit marked the launch of the Digital Foundations Report below. The report profiles some of the leading Australian technology companies trying to transform the construction sector and provides in-depth analysis on the wave of the change we are starting to see. With the adoption of technology from drones and robots to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the way we think about the ‘bricks and mortar’ industry is about to change forever.


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