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April 15, 2016 by Amanda Ismail

We love great suggestions from our users that can make our software experience even better. We recently had a request around the ability to attach documents to the automatically generated Payment Claim PDF. Well, we’ve just implemented the perfect solution, read on….


Payment Claim PDF Updates


We’ve just implemented another suggestion made a few weeks ago by one of our users. This time, regarding attachments you may want to send with your Payment Claim PDF that is automatically emailed.


We didn’t want to allow files to be attached to the actual email, as they may get blocked by the receivers email server and potentially stop your claim getting through.


So, what we have done is add an “Attachments” table to the end of your Payment Claim PDF with clickable links to each of the attachments. The claim receiver just clicks on a link and has instant access to the attachment.


So if you have attachments you’ll see this section at the end of your Payment Claim PDF. It will only be displayed if there are one or more attachments.



Important Features:

  • Attachments can be added against the contract, against an individual claim, or against a particular claim line.
  • If you add an attachment at the contract level (i.e. via the icon at the top of the claim history list) this document will get displayed on every claim without having to add it each time (e.g. for insurances). 
  • Any attachments you mark as “internal/private” will not be listed in the table.



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